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Procure Travel Africa Summit a must for industry players seeking answers to big questions

How can your company save money, while still deriving value from a travel

programme? As a corporate with travel needs, how can you reduce your carbon footprint? These are just some of the questions that will be answered at the Procure Travel Africa Summit, taking place at Cape Town’s Vineyard Hotel on 27 August 2020.

According to Summit Director Riana Fouché, this is a challenging time for travel

procurement professionals. “Companies are asking how they can reduce travel

expenditure in ways that go beyond cutting service fees. What direct integrations are

there that will give them better rates?”

As travel procurement professionals come under increasing pressure to find

appropriate solutions, they are faced with other challenges, too. These range from

finding a new way to present data, so that it highlights key metrics and gives clients a

full view of travel spend and opportunities for further savings or greater compliance,

to investigating fresh angles on benchmarking and evaluating travel programmes.

Fouché informs that other pressing issues include the factors that should be

considered by companies when forging relationships with new suppliers, while

suppliers, for their part, need to understand the elements on which corporates base

their decisions. Finally, all parties need to explore new and innovative ways of finding

efficiencies within travel programmes. Fouché says, “Duty of care, expense

management and virtual payment methods have recently been

introduced in the market. Players are curious about how these work, and how they

will revolutionise the industry.”

The Procure Travel Africa Summit provides an ideal platform for exploring these and other

relevant matters. “As a buyer-led event, the stage is set for robust and progressive

conversation. The only speakers at the event are buyers, who will lead panels

debating and weighing in on the topics that have them scratching their heads at

present. “As a collective, they will be able to find answers and explore new ways to

address challenges, sharing knowledge and best practice with their peers,” she says.

Unique in that it is neither an exhibition nor a trade show, the Procure Travel Africa Summit

sees the coming together of buyers and sellers, with more of the former, at an

independently owned, peer led event focused on senior sourcing executives. ‘Must-

attend’ features include debates around the Chief Procurement Perspective in

sourcing; how to evaluate the success of your travel programme, and key indicators

to manage travel. Also coming under the spotlight are issues such as how clients

can achieve real savings by looking at their programme from a new angle. A number

of round table discussions will also take place later in the day.

The Procure Travel Africa Summit is an equally compelling proposition for suppliers, whose

sponsorship will allow them exclusive access to senior level decision

makers from leading South African companies, which may culminate in lead

generation that accelerates the sales cycle. This is, furthermore, an opportunity to

build loyalty among clients and consolidate market position, while drawing attention

to differentiating factors and raising brand awareness. Participation at Procure Travel Africa

also allows suppliers to learn from leading procurement executives and

partake in relevant discussions that will impact how they do business and service the

South African market. “It’s a chance to be part of the change to lead and drive

innovation and value in the travel industry,” Fouché comments.

She envisages the Summit as a platform “owned” by the industry; a

forum where they can brainstorm and find solutions. “This is a space where suppliers

can take on the role of observers and use their learnings to innovate their product

and service offering, so that they are able to better support (and understand) buyers’

needs. In turn, buyers will walk away from the event feeling enlightened and

empowered with actionable items they can implement in their programme, so that

they are immediately able to unlock value for their business,” she concludes.



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