Reporting & Analytics

The procurement function is reliant on reporting to assess accurate spend, identifying saving opportunities and, highlight trends. By diving deeper into your data, we can show you a reimagined world of reporting which will change how you source, contract and manage your travel expense category.


We have experience in formulating robust and realistic savings strategies for large organisations with a proven track record of up to 20% in travel savings – which can be measured and reported on. The starting point to co-create travel solutions unique to your organisation, would be to understand your current travel expenditure – in detail. This forms the rational framework in your travel buying and management decision-making. We have seen how often times data is used to draw the wrong inferences and overemphasise correlations that may have little or no bearing. Add to this the challenge that not many buyers are empowered to understand their travel data in the way it’s generally presented and therefore unable to use it as an accurate

benchmark for strategic decision making and the development of cost savings initiatives.

With deep insight into the travel category, we are uniquely positioned to independently access and organise your data in a meaningful way.